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What is payout?

Payout is a revenue from the use of computing power and represents your passive income. Its amount depends on the number of KLT tokens you own and use, your activity, the use of cost reduction tools or the use of Blueprint service.

On which day of the week is the Payout executed?

The reward is paid every week on Monday.

Where can I find an overview of my payouts?

You can find an overview in your KELTA Wallet application in the menu Transactions – Payouts. At the same time, you will find here information for which cryptocurrencies blockchain networks you used your computing power and what was the amount of costs, including a discount on maintenance fees.

Where is the payout confirmation sent?

You can find a confirmation of the payout in your e-mail box and at the same time in the menu Transactions – Transactions in the KELTA Wallet.

Is there a way to increase my passive income?

Yes, you can increase your passive income by using tools such as Blueprint, Affiliate or Bonus and Gift tokens, as well as by reducing service fees. See the respective sections for more information.

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