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What is the KELTA loyalty program?

The KELTA loyalty program is a tool that allows you to acquire various benefits depending on your raw active involvement. It has 4 primary levels: ACADEMY, BASIC, PRO and PREMIUM.

What is the Academy level for?

The basic level of our loyalty program is the Academy level. It is accessible to every new member after registering in KELTA and is used primarily for educational purposes. You have 99 virtual KELTA tokens at your disposal, which you can use for testing for 14 days and learn how the KELTA application works and how to create your new passive income.

What benefits do other levels of the KELTA loyalty program offer?

The BASIC program corresponds to the amount of 300 - 499 KLT tokens in your account, which represents 1500 - 2495 USDT and provides the lowest return on exposure. In this program, you have access to the computing power for two cryptocurrencies blockchain networks, namely Ethereum and Monero. However, the BASIC program does not allow you to get a loyalty discount on service fees, because it is available only on higher levels.

The next level is PRO, which corresponds to 500 - 2499 KLT in your account, this represents a value of 2500 - 12495 USDT. This level gives you access to the computing power for 3 cryptocurrencies, which are Ethereum, Monero and Zcash. You will also receive a 10% discount on your maintenance fee. This allows you to reduce your costs and at the same time increase your weekly profitability. At this level, you also gain access to Blueprint, a tool that allows KELTA users to connect to successful and verified Leaders and copy their signals. See the Blueprint section for more information.

The highest level of the KELTA loyalty program is the PREMIUM program, which starts at 2500 KELTA tokens, this corresponds to a value of 12 500 USDT or more. You get access to the computing power for all cryptocurrencies. The biggest advantage of the PREMIUM program is a 15% discount on all service fees. You also receive access to Blueprint at this level.

Note, that the Blueprint service activation is conditioned by completing the KELTA educational program and by scanning any payment crypto card via the KELTA Wallet application.

How can I get to a higher level within the KELTA loyalty program?

You can get to a higher level by increasing the volume of purchased KLT tokens in an amount corresponding to the respective level.

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