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What is Blueprint and what is it used for?

Blueprint is a tool that allows you to connect to the signals of a successful and verified Leader and copy his signals and computer power setup. This service is suitable for users who don´t have skills, time, or knowledge to devote themselves fully to KELTA. It provides the possibility to evaluate your involvement more effectively and to achieve higher ROI.

How can I activate the Blueprint module?

The Blueprint module activation is subject to the fulfillment of two conditions that you must meet. If you wish to use the service, you need to successfully complete the KELTA educational course. This way we make sure you know everything about what KELTA is, how it works, how to work with the application and how to use the available tools to achieve and maximize passive income. The second condition is the ownership of any payment crypto card that needs to be scanned via the KELTA Wallet.

How can I request the Leader, to follow his signals?

If you have chosen a Leader that you would like to follow, in the KELTA Wallet go to the menu Activity – Blueprint. In the Leader section, click on More and then on the Add request button. Enter the Leader code, write a short message to the Leader and confirm the request. The Leader will receive a confirmation e-mail, activate your connection, and set the amount of the reward.

How long can the connection be active?

The connection between the Leader and you can be active for 1 week, 1 month or 3 months. During this period, it is not possible for you to disconnect and the computing power deactivation function will not be available. Only the Leader can cancel the connection. You can ask for the connection again after the selected period has expired.

What are the fees for using the Blueprint connection?

The Leader can set the commission for following his signals in the range of 5% - 30% depending on the length of the connection period.


What is the KELTA Affiliate program?

KELTA offers One Level marketing affiliate program for its users, which is based on 2 types of revenue, active and passive. It is a tool that is intended for clients who can recommend KELTA to another client, can explain everything about what KELTA is, how it works, how to work with the application and how to use the available tools to achieve and maximize passive income.

How can I activate the Affiliate module?

If you decide to activate the Affiliate module, we assume that you are interested in recommending KELTA services and tools to other users. To make sure that you have all the important information to lead and educate your partners as a KELTA Ambassador and to respond adequately to users´ questions, we need a confirmation that you have successfully completed the KELTA educational course, which is the condition to activate the module.

What kind of revenue can I receive via the KELTA Affiliate program?

For each affiliate partner you bring to KELTA, you will receive a one-time reward of 15% of the affiliate partner´s first deposit converted to KELTA tokens. This amount is divided into three parts. You will receive the first 5% immediately after the first exchange, another 5% after 3 months and the remaining 5% after half a year, provided that your affiliate partner actively uses KELTA´s services during this period. If the affiliate partner decides to leave KELTA during this period, you will lose the right to the remaining part of the active income. In addition to the active reward, you also receive a regular passive reward of 5% from each weekly payout of your affiliate partners. This revenue is only being paid if the affiliate partner is currently active in the KELTA.


What is the Activity module and what is it used for?

The ACTIVITY module is a new KELTA Wallet tool that provides you with a transparent way to reduce the maintenance fees. This is achieved by your involvement, activity, and behavior while using KELTA´s services. It is possible to reach up to 50% discount dependent on the realization of the defined conditions.

Where can I find more information about the activities and their benefits?

Currently, it is possible to get a maximum discount of 50% through five activities. You can find more information in the General Business Terms and Conditions, as well as directly in the KELTA Wallet application in the menu Profile and Activity.


What are Bonus and Gift tokens?

Bonus and gift tokens are tokens, that allow you to increase your computing power and thus the value of weekly payouts. These tokens cannot be purchased, they serve as a rented computing power.

How can I obtain these tokens?

Bonus tokens are distributed only during scheduled promotions 6 times a year. During the promotion, when exchanging USDT for KELTA tokens, you will receive bonus tokens of the same value. This will double your computing power and increase your revenue.

You can get gift tokens by registering at KELTA. If you register as a new member, you will automatically receive 150 or 300 gift tokens, depending on whether you registered with or without your ambassador's affiliate code. You can also obtain gift tokens by successfully completing the KELTA educational program. In order to activate these tokens, it is also necessary to convert your exposure to KLT.

An overview of your bonus and gift tokens can be found in the KELTA Wallet in the Power and Balance menu.

Can I covert these tokens to USDT and then make a withdrawal?

Bonus and gift tokens cannot be sold as they only serve as leased computing power. In the event that you decide to deactivate your computing power and exchange these tokens for USDT, this will not be possible, and the tokens will be returned to KELTA.

Are these tokens time limited?

Bonus and gift tokens are limited in time. This means that after their activation they will be available to you for a period of 7 months.

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