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What are the fees for the use of the computing power?

The fees for providing the KELTA´s services consist of electricity and maintenance costs as follows.

Electricity cost 0,0325 0,78 23,79
Maintenance cost 0,0945 2,27 69,09
TOTAL 0,127 3,05 92,88

The withdrawal transaction is charged with a flat fee in the amount of 9,70 USDT. In case of Ethereum or Bitcoin withdrawal, you can find the current withdrawal fee in your KELTA Wallet in the menu Exchange - Withdrawal by clicking on the relevant cryptocurrency. KELTA doesn´t charge a fee to create or maintain your KELTA account.

Can I reduce the costs?

Yes, it is possible to reduce maintenance fees through the KELTA loyalty program as well as through the Activity module in the KELTA Wallet. See the respective sections for more information.

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