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What is important to start using the computing power?

In order to activate the computing power and use it for cryptocurrencies blockchain networks, you need to own KLT tokens. KLT token is a utility token and represents access to 1 watt of the computing power.

How can I get KLT tokens?

You will become the owner of KLT tokens by purchasing them for USDT. To do so, go to the menu Exchange – Covert in your KELTA Wallet, click Tether and select USDT – KLT. Enter the USDT value you wish to exchange and confirm the transaction by clicking the Convert button. If you have Ethereum or Bitcoin in your KELTA account, it is necessary to convert these cryptocurrencies to USDT at first, what you will also do in the Convert menu.

What is the price of the KLT token?

The price for KELTA token purchasing is 5 USDT. The price for KELTA token selling is 4,25 USDT. The difference between the purchase and selling price is the so-called spread and is always fixed.

How can I activate the computing power?

After purchasing KLT tokens, you will see your current volume of KLT tokens in the KELTA section in the Convert menu. Then go to the Power menu and the Balance section. Here, by dragging the slider to the right to the Computing Power section, you will move your purchased KLT tokens into active mode for using of the computing power. Remember to save this setting by clicking the Save button.

How can I set my computing power for the cryptocurrencies blockchain networks?

Go to the Computing Power menu in your KELTA Wallet, in which you will begin to use the activated KLT tokens and set the data performance for the blockchain networks of individual cryptocurrencies. Depending on what level of KELTA loyalty program you are in, you have a choice of two, three or all cryptocurrency modules. By sliding the sliders up and down you can set how many of your tokens will be used. You can set the computing power evenly or you can work with KELTA actively. If you do not have enough time, skills or knowledge to be able to work fully with KELTA, you can use our unique module, Blueprint. This is a tool that allows you to connect to successful and verified Leaders and copy their signals automatically. See the Blueprint section for more information.

What is important when setting up the computing power?

It is always important to remember that the system works on an up-to the hour basis, so whenever you change your settings, care must be taken to ensure that the change takes place before the start of the next whole hour. Do not forget to save your settings by clicking the Save button.

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