KELTA datacenter is the main and most important part of our ecosystem. It represents an advanced state-of-art technology that gives you access to computing power to create your new source of regular passive income.


The KELTA data center is a multi-functional, fully operational data center that has been constructed utilizing the most cutting-edge computing, cooling, and security technologies.

It has been in operation for several years and its hardware and other technology is constantly being updated.

Our data center is based in the Slovak Republic, and, by its quality, ranks among the very few top data centers in the world. Slovakia has reasonably priced electricity, the stability that comes with being located within the European Union, access to advanced internet backbone services, and a well-trained but more reasonably priced tech community.

Unlike many other existing data centers, ours is built in a way that guarantees at least 50 years of existence in a condition that will constantly reflect the needs of the market. Meaning, that the building itself is highly durable, but we also regularly upgrade our technology according to the latest requirements.

Our data center has high reliability and security at TIER 3 level. It is powered by two separate power sources and has access to more than 20 MW of electrical power. Furthermore, two powerful diesel generators stand ready as a reserve power source for the data center in case of a total electricity black out. Which means, that we simply guarantee ZERO dropouts. In terms of the location, it is situated totally outside seismically active zones and floodplains.

Thanks to our low price for electricity and the use of the state-of-the-art data servers, you can use our services for incomparable prices on the market.

You can find more details and technical information in our WHITEPAPER.

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