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The KLT Token

KELTA is a project that uses a token system. We are operating with utility tokens, in compliance with international financial regulations. Our token system is very simple! So let me briefly explain to you how EASILY it works.

Our token holders DO NOT need to physically own any hardware necessary for using our computing power. They do not need to purchase equipment, or search for a place, to store it, maintain it, update it, and juice it with the required energy. This is all conveniently taken care of by our team.

Our energy consumption is at a much higher volume than a regular household’s. This means that our energy costs are proportionally lower, which positively reflects in the final price-performance ratio for our clients.

With KELTA tokens, our users simply open an application on their smartphone, tablet or computer device and are immediately able to control what they want to do with the given wattage of power of their tokens.

Token Benefits

Users of KELTA tokens benefit from the hassle-free process of using computing power for their desired tasks.

KELTA data center users enjoy the following benefits from KLT token ownership:

  • One KLT token equals One watt computing power
  • Unlimited access to the streamlined KELTA application and web portal that make it super easy to select a cryptocurrency and start mining - even with a limited understanding of block chain theory.

Free membership in an exclusive community of cryptocurrency and block chain experts.

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