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Data Center Background

What is KELTA?

KELTA is a data center built to empower scientific researchers, scholars, and cryptocurrency miners by providing industrial grade computing capabilities at affordable rates.

KELTA is a member of the CryptoData family, a group of companies specializing in the provision of computing power. CryptoData is the owner of the data center building, while KELTA Capital, s.r.o.. is its operator as well as the vendor of the KLT token.

Why Slovakia?

Datacenters have three major needs. Power, cooling, and a high bandwidth connection to the ‘backbone’ of the internet. All three of these are potential bottlenecks, with the first two being the most important.

High load tasks such as cryptocurrency mining use a lot of electricity, and, to maximize the returns, it is most efficient to use specially designed and constructed architectures found in data centers. Cryptocurrency min-ing using non-specialized equipment can easily cost more in electricity use than is made in currency mined.

Microprocessors are not 100 percent efficient and under a load that can give off massive amounts of heat. Keeping the processors cool is paramount as overheating could permanently damage the circuits.

It is for these reasons that data centers are often built in areas with two things: cheap electricity and a cool climate. This is one of the reasons that major data center construction has been taking place in Northern Europe. The well trained populace and the stable environment of the EU are also contributing factors to this rush to build. However, there is a downside: the cost of operation in these countries is very high.

With Slovakia, KELTA found the best of both worlds. Slovakia has reasonably priced electricity, the stability that comes with being located within the EU, access to advanced internet backbone services, and a well trained but more reasonably priced tech community.

electricity rates worldwide

The KELTA Facility

The facility will last much longer than fifty years into the future. It can therefore be guaranteed that KLT token holders will have access to the data center and computing power for the full fifty years offered by their tokens. This being the case, token holders may feel doubly secure as part of the funds collected during the token sale will be put into a special fund for future upgrades.

The building in which the data center is housed is solid and secure. It is only accessible through a single main access gate. This gate, heavily monitored and well secured, can withstand the impact of a large vehicle. Surrounding the facility itself is a 3 meter high perimeter fence topped with razor wire

The building itself is framed by precast concrete with 18 cm thick steel-reinforced concrete walls. The facility is double-roofed to provide extra protection for the sensitive electronics that lie below. The building is literally designed from the ground up to protect its contents. The load capacity of each floor is very high as well: 5,000 kg/m2 on the ground floor with all other floors, the roof included, capable of bearing 1,500 kg/m2. All doors in the building are certified fire-resistant for between 60 to 120 minutes. The total leasable whitespace at the warehouse is 2,700 m2 spread over 6 different server rooms.

The data center is directly connected to a public 110 kV/22 kV electrical substation. There are two different lines connecting it from two different directions to mitigate the possibility of power loss. At present, a 10 MVA high voltage cable is being used but, should consumer power requirements increase, capacity can be increased as well. The data center has its own 3.6 MVA transformers with a redundancy of N+1. In case of power loss, the facility has its own seamless power backup in the former of generators (again N+1 redundancy). Enough backup fuel is kept on site to run the data center at full capacity for 72 hours.

KELTA offers the most technologically advanced data center in the region as certified by ISO 27001:2008, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 4001:2004.

Surveillance and access control are top priorities at the facility. Advanced Area Surveillance system is installed throughout the facility, both inside and outside, to maintain constant awareness of who is where, what they are doing, and when. The complex uses a cellular system wherein it is divided into security zones and two-part identification is required for access (code and keycard).

Furthermore, KELTA maintains a professional security force on the premises at all times. All visitors are verified with picture ID and cross-checked with scheduled and allowed visitors for each sector. Should a visitor be al-lowed in, his movements and actions are monitored for the duration of his stay.

In terms of fire prevention, a high quality VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm) fire detection system is found throughout the facility. Our fire prevention systems employ a three-level detection plan that covers every space within the building, the double flooring included. Should a fire be detected, a nitrogen gas fire extin-guisher is immediately deployed. This system fills the affected area with nitrogen, extinguishing the fire without exposing your electronics to liquid, foam, or other fire-retardant chemicals. In close proximity to the data center is the neutral point of the Slovak Internet Peering Center, where telecom operators, internet service providers (ISPs), and other entities exchange a network speed of 195 gb/s.

Even before the construction for the data center was completed, the founders managed to sell a portion of its space to the ORANGE Corporation. Soon after, a portion was sold to the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Repub-lic. In this way, a significant amount of the initial investment for the data center’s construction was returned.

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