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Kelta is offering a hassle-free opportunity of using computing power in an existing state-of-the-art data center.

Kelta focuses on offering computing power to scientific researchers, scholars, cryptocurrency miners and many others who might need it. The main benefit is our price-performance ratio. We have very affordable rates. The project is running in a unique and already existing data center with a future use of immersion cooling technology. Our data center is based in the Slovak Republic, a member country of the European Union, and, by it’s quality, ranks among the very few top data centers in the world.

Unlike many other existing data centers, our’s is built in a way that guarantees at least 50 years of existence in a condition that will constantly reflect the needs of the market. Meaning, that the building itself is highly durable, but we will also regularly upgrade our technology according to the latest requirements.

Our data center has high reliability and security at TIER 3 level. It is powered by two separate power sources and has access to more than 20 MW of electrical power. Furthermore, two powerful diesel generators stand ready as a reserve power source for the data center in case of a total electricity black out. Which means, that we simply guarantee ZERO drop outs. In terms of the location it is situated totally outside seismically active zones and floodplains. Without a doubt we can truly call it a Rolls Royce among data centers.

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